Please tell me how this looks! Thanks for the constructive criticism!!

So I have been making up some new tricks and some of them are on here, but I really just need to know how the tricks look. Please be honest, I want constructive criticism! It’s fine if you are a little harsh, just try to to me a real jerk about it if you can! Thanks so much everyone!!

Looks pretty cool bud! As far as constructive critiques go this is what I have to offer:

  • Film in a better lit location or on a sunny day so that your string will be more visible.
  • Edit out any mistakes you make in your video if the purpose of said video is to showcase complete tricks. By leaving in mistakes you are more likely to lose viewers before they finish the video.
  • If possible add some music to the background of the video, it helps keep the user who is watching your video from getting bored
  • Showing your tricks from a point of view perspective can be cool but it can be hard to follow the trick, perhaps filming it from your point of view and then also filming it from a tripod so we can see it as an audience member would see it would help with this

That’s all I’ve got, overall it looked pretty cool, you’ve got some speed and technical skill to your throwing which I can relate to personally :slight_smile: Also it appears you’re a lefty, I am too! :smiley:

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Thanks Mike! My only problem is, is that I used to be able to edit my videos pretty well, but now when I record with a GoPro, I can’t edit it because my Mac broke down, so I can’t use it to edit. I am thinking about saving up for a Macbook becasue I know I can edit on that. Other than that, I really really appreciate your feedback! You actually took the time to do that! Thank you so much!!

Oh, and Mike… Lefties all the way!!!

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Man you’ve got some pretty awesome stuff going on there! That one trick at :27 I was like Woah! Haha keep it up!

Nice tricks there. That smack in the hands at around 55 looks painful.

The trick where I went around my non throw hand and landed in an Eiffel tower? It is super easy! I think I made it up but IDK, I have never seen it anywhere else. DO you want me to make a tutorial for it?

Thanks for caring! Haha nah it didn’t hurt that bad, but that morning I really, really got hurt, right in my non throw hand middle finger… It really hurt…

Awesome job as always, Jordan! I love your gopro videos!

Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much that comment just lit up my face. Hearing that someone actually likes my videos always makes me feel great, but what you just said really made me feel great! Please feel free to subscribe!! Thanks so much!!

It still looked pretty awesome haha. And are you kidding? I’d love a video tutorial :smiley: I’m sure it’ll be help for others as well !

nice dude!

no problem, man! And I’ve been subscribed to you for quite some time! :slight_smile:

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Sorry if you can’t learn from this, I hope you can. If I had a better setup I could do so much better!! 

I like all those bangers you put in there. I’d put more string hits in if i were you. Otherwise, your tricks are good.