My Freestyle for the New hampshire Yoyo club Contest (David Ospina) fifth place

This is my freestyle for the New Hampshire Yoyo club Contest where I placed fifth.

~theyoyoguy15 (A.K.A David Ospina)

Some nice stuff you got going there!
Would be nice to see you work the audience a bit more, even an occasional glance or look, it gets the audience on your side, which often will relax the nerves and allow you to feel more comfortable on stage. In future freestyles, consider figuring out how to use the song to your advantage. Hitting certain points on with the beat of the song, flowing with it, etc. Your tech is great, adding in some pleasant looking stage and performance elements will bring you up even higher.

Nice stuff!

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the advice i will defiantly try to incorporate this in my later freestyles.