So, my 1A freestyles have been pretty bad and I haven’t even tried competing in 1A in over a year now. My style is getting better and my skill level is rising, but I am nowhere near competition level, even at a regional contest.

Anyways, I want to turn myself into more of an entertainer, and not just for the yoyo crowd, but for everyone in general (non-yoyoers definitely included).

I am looking for tips, tricks, and music that you all think can help me on my way to becoming an entertainer. What do you think are key tips to having a very entertaining freestyle/performance?

Thank you

-Keep the crowd involved. This is important for any type of crowd.

-I have found non yoyoers to like tricks such as horizontal fingerspins, Eli hops, gyro, grinds, boingy boing (having a hard time thinking of more). Anything that is flowy and showy works for almost any crowd :slight_smile: or just be Paul Kerbel :wink:

-I don’t know your style or anything so I can’t really recommend music well, but make sure your freestyle actually goes with it. The music should enhance the experience. If it doesn’t, there is no point in having it.

-look like you are having fun. If you look sad or bored, that’s how other people will be :wink:

-be very practiced in your routine. Practice wherever you will feel uncomfortable within reason. This will get you better at yoyoing in front of people. Videotaping yourself yoyoing will help (how many of us can hit a combo perfect 10 times, then can’t get the first mount when we try to record it? A lot).

What I like: solid binds and solid endings in your routine. It gets boring watching the same basic bind throughout and if people question if you are finished with your routine, you have done something wrong (or they aren’t the smartest apple in the crayon drawer).


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Tech is bad

Tecc on the other hand…

Be a teccboi

You keep apples in your crayon drawer? :-\

Well I do, duh, don’t you? ::slight_smile:

You’re still young yet, so the first tip I would reccomend is for you to wait for John Higby, Mark Hayward and Steve Brown to retire.

Learn as many styles as possible and be proficient at them as well.

This is a great video, more about being a demonstrator though.

If you are talking about entertainment factor, then you are best off studying up Taka, or Rei Iwakura, and watch some good stage magicians. They all have stage flair. I’m not saying you should copy them, but notice how they use their facial and body language to project parts of their own personalities out to the audience. Their tricks, music choice, and dress is also part of that experience as well.

Thank you all, I will keep these tips in mind. Unfortunately, my style is quite techy, so I guess that will need to change, huh?