My First Video

I hope you like it.
I couldn’t get music on it… which sucks but oh well

pretty good. i suguess that you do thos combos a little bit quicker

like metal said do combos quicker but over all pretty good!

Thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile:

your welcome :slight_smile:

good video i little slow
and how’d you learn that trick around minute
or whats the name of it at least

I think the one you’re thinking of is a trick I learned at yoyoskills by Mike Montgomery… He called it the monty twist.

thanks and keep up the skills you got there

You’re welcome and thanks :slight_smile:

Really Good Vid. And I really don’t agree with the others, I think it just SEEMED slow cause they’re all used to music. You’re combos maybe a bit slower then others, but enjoyment is key… speed comes with time.

Why do you keep walking up to turn off the camera?

Because he didn’t edit it out. Just some advice to Saur: I would be nice if you could edit out the parts where you walk up and turn off the cam. But overall this was a great first video! I really like it! And I really dig that slack to a GT you did around 0:40. That was really wicked. Anyway, great work! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

Thank you. I don’t think I’ll ever be really fast like some poeple… I like more of the slow stuff… but thats me… heh

Yeah sorry about that… I’m not good at editing yet… I’ll try harder on my next one.

Thanks for the advice and support… that trick is the only trick I’ve actually created (although I didn’t create so much as modify a trick called Bear Attack I saw on Highspeedyoyo) I call it Wear-Bear Attack… haha