Camera suicide

Even the camera would rather jump off a cliff than watch me work on this easy combo again. :wink:

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HAha! your tricks were too good, just couldn’t handle it ;D


I love this, what do you call it? Industrial YoYo?


Haha, that was awesome! Also: you’re better than you think. :wink:

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I’m going to go with this one. ;D

*edit: I’m going to change my answer to YOYOFactory


I’m at the same skill level now almost exactly as in this video. Im sure he is alot better now though. And he is super awesome at fixed axl!

Ha, I remember that video.  Here is the same basic combo 2 months after I posted that, so you can see I’m really kind of a slow learner.  My fixed-axle tricks are improving by leaps and bounds, though. :wink:

Cool video! The only thing that I can’t do in that video is the brother slack to ninja vanish gt thing you did at the end.

Hah. No question about it, that was a jumper! Did the camera survive?

Luckily yes. It was my phone. Thank you Otter Box.