My First Yoyo Combo


My First Vid. Criticism Welcome


Nice combo!! But in the middle, you seemed to repeat that action 2 times. I think I can learn that. That’s is a great combo!


nice, to many gts for my taste though


tut please


Good combo man :smiley:


Tuturial please

(Halbach) #7

pretty cool, but I think you’d do better finding elements that flow a bit more :wink:


Your first combo!? If that was your first I cant wait to see your second! ;D


Nice combo although you could get it alittle smoother.
I especially liked the last whip. :smiley:


please, dont necro



please, dont necro
It’s not that old. It isn’t even a month old.



fine, its 30 days old instead of 31



What yoyo are you using? Anyway,awesome video.I love how you did that whip!


I am using a campfire