My first somewhat decent yoyo video!


Complete with friend putting on sweater!

(M.DeV1) #2

Very nice! However it was a bit dark making it difficult to see what you were doing. I like to record with my light on with me facing my open window and the camera between me and the window for maximum lighting.



Nice throwing! Agreed about the lighting scenario, but otherwise pretty darned impressive.

Seems to have that “I’mma hammer out a bunch of tricks” feel to it, which is probably fair enough since you probably wanted to hammer out a bunch of tricks. :wink: But I’m a big fan of sequences that feel more choreographed somehow, and have variety in pacing. This was a well executed marching band, whereas I tend to like a bit of swinging funk. :wink:

But overall, I have to say I was pretty darned impressed with the tricks!


yeah, it was spur of the moment video, and i did just wanna show off all the tricks i made up :stuck_out_tongue: