My First (real) Mod UPDATED!

Hi everyone,

After seeing my maverick day after day dinged, scratched, and nicked, I decided that I need to satin the rims.

This took me about 45 minutes to take the anno off and polish it.

The width is exactly the same as the dingo.

The pictures are attatched on the bottom.

Comments are appreciated.

P.S. Do NOT silicon your maverick…the recess is very wierd, putting silicon in made my maverick responsive (it was unresponsive) and It took me an hour to get the silicon out. Just press the rubber rings down into the gap as hard as you can to make the rubber recessed. :wink:

EDIT: I went to the hardware store and got up to 1500 grit and I got some metal polish…there’s updated pictures comming in a few minutes.

looks good man. When you say that the mavrick is like a dingo, how are they similar? They look very different in my opinion.

Oops, I just meant that the width is exactly the same now.


you already said they were the smae width

This has been going through my mind for a while now, to buy a maverick play it hard scrach it up and shinify the rims and put some spacers in for less responce. It looks sweet man!!!

When Hardcore_Max said that, on the post I had said that it is very similar to a dingo because of it’s width. I changed it to clarify that it is NOT just like a dingo, It just has the same catch area.

i did that to mine but when i siliconed mine it worked great