MY first (real) Metal!

So i started throwing with a maverick and quickly fell in love with yoyoing. Then I bought a Trigger and realized the potential for unresponsive play but i missed the feel of the metal throw in my hand.

So I ordered the Supernova on Tuesday right after the Election ended and it’s finally here! It’s so beautiful! I now believe that my addiction is in full swing.


Cool! I stared with a Dash too (their the same thing pretty much lol) The supernova is dope. You will have that thing fro a long time!


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That’s the color Supernova I’m getting !

You never forget your first good metal. Word to your mother.

My first metal was the super mediocre Sidekick Pro … so I do kinda want to forget it :slight_smile:

I kinda fell into the trap of ordering yo-yos from Amazon when I started out, so none of them were particularly good. My first metal from a real yo-yo store that I remember is the Zeekio Continuum (collab with dif-e-yo). And my first real favorite metal was a b-grade Deep State in the only colorway left… that yellow and purple splash lotus one on the left here:



It’s odd that yoyoing can bring so much happiness. Dazzling Dave says it’s the world’s greatest toy. Very cool! I’m really happy for ya! Make the simple…amazing. I actually made up that slogan years ago. I didn’t.

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Just get a throw and throw it. Here’s what’s in my pocket right now. 1543043721164636031018109397979




Are Deep States really that thin?

Yes they are. They are responsive yoyos for those who want something different to fixed axle yoyos and like performing maintenance.

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Woah, I didn’t realise!

whoa all those photos are amazing. my first metal was a ‘yoyo king double agent’ from amazon, because i didnt know much about metals back then. Yeah, it was a much better improvement from the yomega plastics before, but when i got my shutter, WHOA. this thing is amazing

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Man you kill me with the Bape posts lol. Still looking. Nice Spyderco by the way, what kind of handle scale is that?

image my first metal was a magic yo-yo T5, that I spray painted and put acrylic paint on :joy::man_facepalming:


Some kind of engraved G 10.

My First Metal was this bad boy :nerd_face:


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