my first high end yoyo

I have $100 to spend on my first high end throw.
Here’s my criteria:
I usually play in a relaxed, flowing manner. I enjoy heavier, stable, but still floaty yoyos.
The yoyo must be durable and able to last for a very long time in my collection.
Can you guys offer some suggestions?

You can get a Duncan barracuda for $65 right now

Really good all around throw

Heavier, stable, but still floaty? Advance Scout! It’s a bit out of your price range, but it is honestly the best yo-yo I have ever used!

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$70 Canada shipping :0


Can you elaborate on its play?

The best stable and SERIOUSLY floaty throw is the one drop t1 (in my opinion)

It’s great for slack tricks, and it floats SO much.

ares star

Why Ares Stars when you can buy an Equilibrium?

Havent own it yet. But its so good

Any OD yoyo in that price range, YYF in that price range, and you should definitely check C3yoyodesigns offerings in that price range.

I’ve been looking at clyw and monkeyfinger because I already have one drop, and yyf. I’m looking at the summit and avalanche, what are your opinions on those?

The Summit is a lot floatier, and has a more relaxed, slower feeling. The Avalanche has a thunk and is quite solid. The Summit is practically a Avalanche since it has the same profile, but has Side Effects.

Where at?

Markmont Classic. Relaxed, stable, comfortable shape, great blast finish, and you can make it more floaty or solid by swapping between the aluminum and brass side effects that come with it (you get both). Side effects also add to durability, as you never have to worry about stripping the yoyo.