My first custom string!

I made my first homemade string today.
After many fails, i finally got it.
Its 100%poly yellow and kiwi green.
Its long and heavy. Just how i like them.The problems with my other strings was when i would string my yoyo the threads would spread out. i think it was because when i was twisting it i didnt put pressure on. Am i right?

Also revived my responsless new breed. Ty hot glue, i like this better then silicon.

Also working on flipping my imperial into a butterfly shape.
idk i was bored today, waiting to go get string and waiting for my big yo to come

No I don’t think it was that. Maybe you didn’t twist it enough. You want to make sure you wind it nice an tight! :slight_smile:

                                                                    Hope that helped, James Reed!
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No… you actually need a good weight to attach the string to when you spin. It stretches the string as you spin, and then, when you stop, the string kind of compresses. I think. The weight is important though. I’ve tried a lighter one, and it makes a less durable stirng. The amount you spin doesn’t matter after some time, if you overspin, then when you fold it in half, it will grow longer, thus, destroying your attempt.

James had a goos point, when my friend made his first string it was loose, so he made it tighter and fixed the problem. But you could be right too, string can be made in various way remember.

Also congratz on your first string. I make hand made string too.