My finshed assignment: hoping for a B, tell me what you think

My Right to Yo-Yo
I am doing this assignment on my right to yoyo. I feel that this topic shows originality, and I spend a lot of time doing it. This right applies to the 9th amendment. That amendment is rights retained to the people. This amendment was made because it covers many things that they couldn’t be specific about. My societal point of view is entertainment. Not only does it entertain the person actually doing the activity, but it also entertains others watching.
I feel that learning how to yoyo can teach or demonstrate persistency. If you don’t give up on learning a new trick, then you probably won’t give up on school work. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment that could turn into a moral boost or something better. I especially like to yoyo because 1.) it gives me something to do throughout the day, and 2.) people know me for it. At Colony, I am known for one of two things, my last name; two older siblings, and that I am that kid with the yoyo. More than once this year, someone has called me over to show them some tricks. It just makes you feel like you are being acknowledged for a talent that not many people have. One reason I actually got into it is because I knew I could be the best. Someone could always beat me at baseball, someone could beat me at basketball, but I can guarantee that I am the best yoyoer in the school.
Yoyoing entertains. No one can deny that. When I first got my yoyo, I played with it forever. It was really, really fun and interesting. I just looked up youtube videos on how to do it, and soon you are bragging that you know the whole beginner section. It is also a talent that can last you a lifetime. I can see myself yo-yoing with my kids, or even grandchildren. It is a skill that you can pass down generation to generation. Another way it entertains is that you can street perform. I almost did that at the fair this year. I figured I could make a few bucks off of it.
Yoyoing is also healthy. I know that after reading that, you think it sounds stupid, but think about it. You are, in fact, standing up. Not my best point, but one of them. It does help with hand- eye coordination. However, in my opinion, my best argument would be that it relieves stress. Whenever I have an assignment like this, and I want to take a study break, yo-yoing is the perfect activity. You can put all that stress and anger into doing something productive, and learning a fun lasting talent.
Throwing a yoyo is a great ice breaker. People can get really impressed by what you are actually doing. When they ask questions, you answer them, and soon you are having a conversation. You can meet new people really easily.
In closing, I feel like yo-yoing is a fantastic thing to do. I have basically told you every possible reason I can think of to tell you this is my most important freedom, without resorting to bringing up the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms).

QFT (quote for truth) fantastic i was engaged through out the whole piece. every yoyoer would agree with that :slight_smile:

Do a yoyo trick after you read your report and I think it deseves an a+

You’ve explained why you like to yoyo, I see nothing about why it’s your right to do so. ???

Who or what is trying to suppress or deny your “right” that you feel you need to make the point rather than just accepting it as a given? It kinda sounds like you’re making it an issue when an issue doesn’t exist.

I don’t see anything in there about legalities. Just the cool social perks to yoyoing as an ice-breaker.

The assignment was what is your most important right and why.

Trust me, there are rights that are WAY more important to your well-being than yoyoing :wink:

And you didn’t answer that in any way, shape or form.

At best you could have done some sort of tie-in with free association or somehow stretch it to somehow being part of free speech. Either of those is a real stretch of the imagination. Bad premise all around.

Uhm I got a b+ so apparently I did.