My yoyo story

Hello everyone,
So recently i went to the state fair for 4-H. I took a performing arts project and a demonstration. A performing arts project is where people do stuff like dancing and singing and music and stuff like that, and a demo can be demonstrating whatever you want. Both of my projects I took where yo-yoing.

My performing arts was the night I get to the fair, most all of the other acts where singing and musical. I had been working on my routine for a couple months, doing many big and cool looking tricks I heard the crowds enjoy.

Eventually it was my turn to go. I went up there talked a little bit, and then did my routine. I mssed up a little and forgot what to do for like 20 seconds, but still had a really fun time. So I leave the stage and on my way back to my seat I had 3 or 4 people tell me how cool it was. After all of the acts were done we got our ribbons. I ended up with a purple(highest placement) and got to return the next day to repeat my routine. I was very excited!

So the next day I go to check in with the 4-H office and turn in my music, and right after that, I had a person ask me if I was the yo-yo kid. When I said I was, she asked what I was doing the next morning. I said nothing so she asked if I wanted to go and demonstrate a bit of my yo-yoing for a tv station. And of course, I said yes!

I then went and did my performance again(and I didn’t mess up nearly as much) and after I was done I talked to this lady and her son, directed her to yoyoexpert, and allowed her to take a couple picks of my case.

Right after this was done I had to do my demonstration on yo-yoing where I talked about the different styles, history, the parts, and then did a routine. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I got asked alot of questions. I then got another purple ribbon for my demo, and hopefully got a couple more people interested.

I got up early the next morning and went down to the news station with the fashion project people. I got asked a couple questions, did a trick, and got a round of applause. It was really cool because my friends and family got to see me live.

Then, after all of this, I was up in the dorms packing when this guy asks me if I did the yo-yo performance. I said yes, and he said he yo-yos as well. He pulled out his Yuuksta and Unleashed, and we talked and did tricks for about half an hour, or 45 minutes. He gave me his yoyoexpert name so we could talk later.

All in all, I had a fantastic time at the state fair, and hopefully got some people interested. That was my goal going into this, an I hoped that it worked. ;D

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Very cool. Great read. Thanks!

That’s awesome.

It is awesome! One of the greatest things about yo-yoing is that it brings people together.

I’m this guy. It was really cool meeting someone else who shares the same passion as me in the middle of an encampment at the fair! I hope you remember how to do the triple-tower trick! :wink:

Yeah, I do. ive been working on it and have got it down pretty good. Thanks, its cool! ;D


Thank you for sharing that wonderful story. Congratulations on your purple ribbons and getting on TV. I don’t even know you and I’m proud of you. It’s stories like yours that make the YYE forums such a fun place to come to.

That’s a fantastic story! That’s for sharing!

I love this story so much.

A big fair is going to be soon in my town, and I hope to see some yoyoers there. :slight_smile:

Our State Fair used to have a yoyo contest every year. I’d take off work so I could go. but they drop it this year because of the lack of participation

poop heads

this story makes me Happy :smiley:
I wish I could get on tv for yo-yoing…

Wow thats cool and do you know what’s even more cool I’m in 4-h too I had no Idea you could carry yo-yoing as a project

Yeah, its as a performing arts project, which is different than regular ones. But I also did a regular project on yo-yoing(tri-fold board) and got a champion on that.

I was going to do a yoyo project for the fair and the category that it falls in is “Self Determined”. But I haven’t got around to it yet.

Yup, thats where I entered the board I was talking about.