It's a Miracle! (Personal yoyo story)

So I went to the local county fair today because I was doing a freestyle for the ‘Amateur Talent Contest’ they do there every year. I brought my new YYF Cypher from the Prague 2014 Mystery pack and my CLYW Wooly Marmot 2 these were the 2 yoyo’s I was gonna use I also brought the YYF Popstar (Also from the mystery pack) just to use through out the day because its like the perfect pocket throw.

After checking in at the Talent show table I found out that I wouldn’t be going up on stage for a couple hours. And so I walked around with my parents doing fair stuff and all of a sudden I notice my Popstar is missing and I know its not that expensive and all that but still I thought it was a fun little throw and I don’t want to lose it. So I start retracing are steps looking around previous places we had gone and stuff. And I eventually gave up on it thinking that yoyo could be anywhere . I mean its a whole entire fair grounds it literally could be anywhere. So I was kinda sad about that but its not a huge deal so I went and did my freestyle for the talent show (I got 3rd place BTW) and as we we’re walking out the door of the talent show building there’s my Popstar laying under a picnic table with a few minor ding’s on it but bothing that affects playabitlity. Now I don’t know what happend but it sure looked like some little kid picked it up through it around and said “Dis yoyo dusn’t work” and then through it back on the ground. SO it ended up coming back to me some how. Its amazing how little things like that work cuz I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna see that yoyo again.

So anyways I got my Popstar back and it turned out being a pretty good day.

So what did you think? I know I’m no that great at writing story’s but did it turn out ok?

BTW Here’s the link to the freestyle I did if you want to see.

That’s an awesome story!


Thanks. I was pretty happy when we found that Popstar.

TLDR? sorry but I’m not up on all the latest abbreviations.

Too long; didn’t read.

Did you at least watch the video? It shows a little man throwing a little, tiny yoyo. :-*

Good feels there, Erik! How was the crowd’s reaction to the routine?

I got some applause here and there.

And I wasn;'t throwing a little yoyo. That was the YYF Cypher I was using.

That wasn’t long at all lol. It was an enjoyable read even if you consider it long.

Hoping the same happens with my Chief.

Its not that long

What happend to your cheif?,77182.0.html

I know, I just wanted to be that one redditor that actually read it then commented “TL;DR”

nice routine dude ;D

Haha. Sorry, Erik, I was trying to poke fun at YoCyanightYo for his TL;DR response.


congratulations on your win at the County Fair and getting back you Popstar. you will love that little Popstar.

thanks for posting the video; I enjoyed it very much.


NP glad you liked it.

Awesome job! Looked good on stage.


Cup half full: You got your popstar back! ;D
Cup half empty: It got dinged. :’(
You should have brought along a beater/beginner yoyo if someone wanted to try.