What is your craziest yoyo experience?!

What is the most crazy experience you ever had yoyoing at some time in your life? Explain with details and pictures if you have them!

 I broke a string right before the start of my 1a performance at the 2012 NER Yoyo Contest.  At the 2014 Ma State Yoyo Contest I broke a string during my performance (brand new string that I had forgotten to break in).

Oooohhh!! You were the kid that broke the string! I was there for that :slight_smile:

Not “crazy” so much, but John and Rebecca Higby had me do a quick couple of combos for their crowd at the Ottawa Busker’s Festival. That was pretty memorable. :slight_smile:

I was on a Boy Scout campout, and I saw a kid from another troop with a OneStar. He could barely land trapeze, and I asked him if I could try it. He was saying something like, “I don’t think you’re as good as me.” I was going to tell him I was, but I decided to have fun. Proceed me ninja vanishing, spirit bombing, and doing tricks like that. He looked like this the whole time: :o So fun.

I wanna do this to someone but have like music going and do a routine lol.

Then just walk away.

These are good keep it up haha!

Oh and after that someone else tried that, and they were a jerk and kept walking the dog on concrete. :-[ The one star had super beat rims after, but not as bad as my shutter.

I was at a talent show at my cousin’s school and some kid was doing a yoyo performance. All he was doing was around the world, walk the dog, rock the baby, and some picture tricks (only the really basic stuff). After the show I asked if I could use his yoyo. It was a magic yoyo t5 or something with a semi-responsive bearing. I did a speed combo, RIB stole, Eli hops and a horizontal brain twister combo. Next thing I know he goes to get his friends and I’m doing a mini yoyo routine for them. My cousin said that everyone at his school was talking about me for like two weeks

Well there was this one time back in 'nam…

So pro!

When I got a free cinnamon bun for yoyoing outside a restaurant we were waiting to be seated in. I ended up performing in the restaurant on that day too.

I wanna be like “OOOO I can yoyo! Can you rock the baby? I can!!”

“Ummm, well this is a modern yoyo, they’re unresponsive.”

“What does that mean??? Can I try? I’ll do it over the grass.”

At this point he’s thinking, Hmph, noob.

Then I proceed to lay out all my speed combos, triple brent stoles, fingerspins, etc.

THEN walk away

I meant A yoyoer sponsored by GSquared at PAX east! He was really nice. I know his first name, but not his last. His name is Grant. HES WAY COOL

I was there today with my Code1, I didn’t see any other yoyoers. There was some diabolo though.

Yeah, they were here last year. This year I didn’t see much for skill toy acts. Then again, I didn’t see much for acts because we had younguns with us. :slight_smile:

[Insert Challenge accepted face here]

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Well, on our way home from a vacation to LA, we stopped by Porto’s bakery and I was yoyoing a little, then mark mcbride walks up to me and we start talking. He gave me so much good advice that my play has been improving faster than ever!