My finger hurts so bad, I see people in videos having something around their finger where the string goes, what is it? I hate gloves, just not my style.

It’s some sort of bandage or pre-wrap for athletic tape.

Some people will put tape on their fingers to help protect them. In my opinion the best thing to do is work into yo-yoing a little slower and let a callous build up.

once u have yoyoed for a long time u will grow a calus over ur finger and then it wont hurt…

u could always use tape but then i dont think a calus can grow…

I sometimes use sports tape to combat the humidity here in Florida. But as far as finger burns go, you just have to build a callous.

I like to tough it out… That way I’m never dependent on finger protection

Yea, back in the day before I had callouses, I would just use a band-aid or medical tape around my middle finger. Basically whatever was available.

Right… Thanks.