Best way to protect my hands?


So I want to protect my middle finger against string tension but don’t want to play the money for yoyo tape. any ideas? (I already use gloves)


Build a callous

skirtz had a method for string tension as well but I don’t remember it


what is a callous? I google searched it and not any yoyo results can you give me a picture a link or describe it?


A callous is a rough patch of skin that you really don’t feel any pain on it. Callouses in yoyoing prevent string burns


Easy solution don’t yoyo! Ha Ha Ha Ha! No just kidding? ;D


As you continue to play, you’ll find that the skin on your finger where the string rubs gets thicker and hard. That’s a callous.

But he easiest way to protect it when you’re still building a callous is probably just a bandaid or basic paper tape if you have some in a first aid kit.