my DM


My dm is getting more responsive and cleaning and applying lube is just making it more responsive! any suggestions?

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Don’t apply lube to often. You only need a pin drop size of lube. It will be responsive for awhile and become more unresponsive as you play. But one thing…

You are using thin lube right?


Lube won’t make a yoyo unresponsive and in fact will make it slightly responsive, even thin lube. You just have to deal with it until it can break in.


Yeah, Apetrunk is right. You need to break it in,Dont apply to much lube, and you only have to clean it every 7 weeks(usually),and if you have already applied too much lube you still need to break it in, it will take longer because you need to break down more than usual but still break it in.


Where in the world did you get 7 weeks from?


Wondering the same thing…maybe his personal experiences? Unless that’s what he was told…


About that every 7 weeks thing thats when you should clean it, but a lot of people get debris in their bearing before that. so you dont HAVE to clean it every 7 week, but you should


There is no reason to clean you bearing on any set interval. Clean a bearing when it needs to be cleaned, don’t just clean it because it is that time of the month again.

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i don’t know if you guys know what genre this question is in but he want’s a mod! the best mod in my opinion to make a DM more unresponsive is to replace the o-ring with silicon. And you can also shave of the Starburst response, but i don’t recommend doing that not because it doesn’t help because, because you can replace the o-ring but not the starburst. If that doesn’t help let me know so we can further assist you ;D


Sounds a bit funny from a guy who asked this:

two days ago! :wink:


Yeah really. Nobody likes when it’s that time of the month anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: