My Custom MFD Colorway

After some idea bouncing with Ray this was the final product of what I am unofficially deaming the “Chaos Colorway” I am completely stoked for this Ano-Job

Now you need a peace one to go with it! ;D

If you do 3a, you can put this one on your left and the peace one on your right LOL

I was playing with the idea of doing what you see on one half and a peace sign and happy colors on the other half lol, but I don’t think it would have blended very well lol. Maybe in the future we may see the matching “Unity colorway”

That is so incredibly cool

Actually I think that is one of the lamest Colorways I have ever seen. Quite possibly the absolute lamest.

It’s stinkin up the place if you ask me… And you did.

I don’t come empty handed though. I have a suggestion to resolve this eyesore.

I think the best course of action at this point would be to mail that Yoyo to me.

I promise I will give it a proper Burial… After torturing it with a string for a year or so.


Doctor’s orders

so basically controlled ano flaws
cool concept nd waiting for color combos w better contrast

Hhhhmmmmmm seems like a solid concept

Looks pretty cool, not sure about the name though.

We usually call Black w/ Silver and Red “YoYoExpert Edition” :wink:


Its very hard to pick up tone through text, so I’m not sure how to respond…l


Yes th concept was to make it look skuffy and worn. He really did a good job at achieving that effect.

Just joking around! Sorry if it came off any other way, it’s a pretty cool looking colorway!

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Looks great man. I really love the way the did the “tatoo” on it. What yoyo is that?

One that is yet to be released :wink:

I really dont like mostly black colourways however this is definately one of the better ones that ive seen. IMO yoyos should be bright and fun.

i love the ghosted logo things that mfd uses sometimes

Yeah they are awesome, as far as I know no one else does anything like that