My Code 1 saved our lives!! (well, sort of)

Preamble: So i know some of you are gonna find this hard to believe but… Its the truth. I just thought it was kinda funny so i decided to share it.

So my Girlfriend and I decided to drive up to Lincoln City tonight and go to the Casino for a few hours (To watch a band, not gamble) and its about 45 minutes from Newport, where i live. Anyways, We went in and watched the band, (which was amazing i might add) and when we came out, we found out that the Keys were locked in the car!!
So i took the initial steps, i checked with casino security to see if they could help… No dice. Called the tow company… 55$ to break in… Yikes, i’ll sleep in the snow before i pay that highway robbery price!! I tried the Cops too, they said it was a liability issue and couldn’t help us either.
So, this not being my first rodeo, i set about looking for a metal coat hanger, to reach in the quarter of an inch crack in the window and unlock it. Nowhere in a mile radius was there a METAL coat hanger to be found. They are all PLASTIC. Just my luck, good thing i wasn’t gambling…
So at this point, about an hour and a half later, its starting to snow. Hannah and i are shivering our butts off when i have this insanely brilliant idea!! All i need is something small that i can stick in the tiny window crack and grab the lock with… My yoyo string!!! I always carry a yoyo on me nowadays, no matter where i go. So, to make a looooong story short, i wound up taking the string off my Code. I made the slipknot end really big and inched it down through the crack to try and lasso the lock knob with (it was TOXIC Markmont string, in case you were wondering. lol. Strong stuff!!!). It was really difficult because i had to drop it down in there and slowly maneuver it over the lock, then pull really quick so the slipknot would tighten on the knob, AND it was dark outside. It took me about 45 minutes to accomplish but i finally got it!
I knew it would pay off to carry a yoyo on me all the time someday, and maybe my girl will quit complaining about it!! It’s a bit dramatic to say that it saved our lives, but i don’t know what we would have done otherwise. We didn’t have the money for a motel and we were a long ways from home. It’s not really that big of a deal i just wanted to share it with all my fellow yoyoers cause i thought it was ironic and funny.
Hope you guys enjoyed my rediculous story!!

I like that story!

Of course, if it was my wife, she’d say “why did it take you so long!” or something like that.

I must commend you for your ability to improvise. I also agree with the highway robbery prices for “breaking in”. Who would have thought that a yoyo would be a device suitable for use for breaking into a car. Well, better your method than using the Codde 1 to bust the window!

My suggestion: Put your keys on a lanyard. I gave custom ones to my crew and they all use them for their keys, as do I. It’s not foolproof, but if you find yourself having to be more engaged with your stuff(as you are with your yoyo), it helps you keep track of stuff.

Yeah, lol. I know what you mean, it still ended up being MY fault somehow…
Anyways, Yes, Sound advice. I have a spare set of keys for our Buick on my keyring and my keys are on a lanyard. (from countless times losing them) I have a small carabiner on my keyring also that i USUALLY clip onto my belt buckle, but today happened to be the only day that i left my keys at home. Im usually alot more conscious of that kind of stuff, but today was stressful and it slipped my mind. Funny thing is though, when i’m at work (i’m a certified Arborist) I never overlook those tiny details. I guess that’s different because overlooking something small could mean injury or destroyed property. I guess i just wasn’t fully engaged today. But i figured it out!!!

thats a great story i give u cudos i once had to break into my truck using my wallet and a metal T square for cuting sheetrock lol but it turned out to be a great night ;D

Wow your really inventive to think of that.

Once I had to break into my friends car cause he lost his key. I used a swimmers kickboard since it was right after practice.

nice, … make a video of how you got the string inside the car :slight_smile:

so u just happened to have your windows cracked? lucky!!!

this happened to me once and I had to walk around store to store to get a metal hangar lol

Yeah we got lucky and the window was down like a quarter of an inch. I walked around to like ten different stores and none of them had METAL coat hangers. They were all plastic. Lol

LOL AWESOME! yoyostring is handy indeed! lol. i’d love to experience the gratification of always having a yoyo, but…probably not to this extent! haha.

So what would have happened if the window wasn’t open?

Throw the code 1 through the window. That si what I thought he was gonna say he did before I read it.

We would have been burnt. We probably would have had to hitchhike all the way back to my house to get my other set of keys. We really lucked out.