Yoyoers (including Paul) almost arrested for Grand Theft Auto at a Toys R Us!?!

Thanks for your concern for Paul everyone, but it’s just us having a good laugh. Here’s the whole story. Last Saturday was the last round of demos that Paul and I were doing for Toys R Us and Duncan. It was a long day of demos throughout the southbay, but it was good to get out there to help kids throw their first yo-yo.

After the demos we wanted to get some grub. Getting paid to yo-yo takes a lot out of a person you know. So Paul, Randy, and I decided to meet back at Paul’s house and grab a bite to eat.

Me and Randy Parked out in front of Paul’s house on the street and went inside. After we chilled for a bit and played a little SF4, we hopped into Paul’s car in the driveway and started backing up. That’s when I hear Paul say, “YO, ISN’T THAT YOUR CAR?!?!?” I look and see my Suburban driving away followed by two other cars. That’s when Paul turned into the homeboy from Initial-D (minus the drifting haha) and we chased the thief down the street into a dead end. The thief then pulled a 180 in my Suburban! Smoke was flying up from the tires and everything! We were sitting there head to head staring into the thiefs face. At that moment, my instinct told me to get out of Paul’s car and try to pull the thief out of my truck but then reason kicked in and said “that’s a really stupid idea.” The thief would have probably tried to run me over.

The thief floored it again and headed right for us, Paul had to back up in reverse or the guy would have hit us. The guy then swerved around us and went down another street. We tried to follow, but the other two cars that were with the thief blocked us from chasing him. We eventually made our way around those two cars and sped off in the direction that we last saw the suburban, but we ended up losing him. I called 911 and told them everything that just happened. We were still driving fast and checking each street as we passed by, but 911 had us pull over so the sherrifs could come and take our report.

That was one intense adrenaline rush. The sherrifs took my report and told me in all likelihood my truck was being stripped as we spoke. I surprisingly took it a lot better than I thought I would. I think I was just glad that none of us were hurt. When we were about to drive off from talking with the sherrifs, another officer drove up, got out of the car and said, “Which one of you guys got your car stolen?” I answered, “Me”, and he said,” I need you to come with me, I think we got the guy.” So me and Randy jumped into the back of the sherrif’s car to go ID the guy. Now, I’m no angel, but this was the first time I got to ride in the back of a police vehicle so I busted out my iPhone and took video! Typical right?
Here we are in the back of sherrif’s car, and all I can think of is getting pictures and videos to post on the blog. Ha! The sherrif explains to me and Randy that because we called right when the truck was stolen, they were able to put the pressure on him with all the car patrols and helicopter. The thief knew there was too much heat so he ditched the car. There were witnesses that say he had a gun with him too. (Good thing I stayed in the car earlier!) To wrap up the story, we positively ID’d the thief, but the guy denied it so the sherrif’s took my car in to get fingerprinted. I finally got my truck back a few days ago. I took it to the dealership to get repaired, my ignition was jacked up, stereo was gone, and there’s a weird buzzing coming from under the driver’s floor. I got insurance, but I still got to pay a deductible. darn. Oh well, at least I got a good picture.

Happy Independence Day!

(I got this from crucial’s website.)

I will ask Yoshi more about what happened!

Oh my god!

What are the chances!?

Are you okay?

Did the kids have a fun time?

Thats insane!!!

I almost went there, because it’s close to my house but I forgot about this meeting. I was not there at the toys r us when this happened!

Aw, man! That SUCKS!

Woa! That’s crazy!

Woah Intense!

whoa whoa? yoshi was at the demo? Lol

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!

Wow! This is a breaking news to all yoyoers. I’m surprise. :o

Happy Throwing! =]


Unless yoyoers stole the car, I dont see how the title is relevant. :-\

What yoyoers were almost arrested?

I think its a joke to go with the pics of being in the squad cars…

Ahh, easier to understand when the pictures load. :slight_smile:

THats straight up BEAST. ;D

I read the title And I was Freaking Out…
Haha nice on staying in the car… :wink:

Shouldn’t this be in Unrelated Discussion? But that was awesome.