Buy a titanium yo-yo or……

give away $1300 dollars.

Welp, I gave away the $1300 dollars. It wasn’t mine. My dog found it on our walk this morning. I just turned it over to the police.

I do feel like the universe tested me a couple times. I first went to the Police station before work, but there was no one in the plexiglass booth. The sign said if no one is present please have a seat until someone assists you. Well I waited 20 minutes but it was getting to that point I had to get back home for work.

After work, went back to the same Police station, and the guy behind the booth just gave me a business card with the non-emergency number for the Police.

When I called that number from home the lady took my information and first said “if you are feeling comfortable, you can take it to any Police station”

I replied “I tried, they just gave me this card with this number on it”

She was like “Really!?”

She then had a unit sent to my house.


Honestly I would have kept it. Your a better person than I.


isn’t there something in the law that states if it’s not claimed after a certain amount of time you can return to get it back?


You did the right thing :grin:


I will probably look into it, but I have a feeling it’s not the case. The officer said they will attempt to locate owner, but if it goes unclaimed it will go into evidence as “unclaimed property”


Honestly, if my dog had found just $100 dollars, I probably would have ordered my first CLYW with the Kodiak.


Was the universe testing you or was it trying to give you $1300 you just wouldn’t take :sweat_smile:. We’ll never know… Helps the cops revenue we know they’ll put that to good use :joy:


You did the right thing. Think about someone who dropped it, maybe they need it for food and medicine, or their kids. They lost it and call the station and boom, everything in the world is right again thanks to your actions.

You’re a good person.


Sadly I see that amount of money in cash and my mind goes straight to that’s probably drug money and no need to return it to a criminal. Maybe I’m too pessimistic or maybe that’s my rational for keeping a large sum. Idk. Good ethical response. If your ever planning on working in a situation you need to pass a polygraph you’ll probably do exceptionally well.


So glad you found my cash. Was looking everywhere for it. I’ll PM you my address so we can get that back to me. Was actually on my way to buy a Canvas when it must’ve fallen out of my pocket. Thanks.


Okay, hundred bucks? Fine. I’ll keep that. But I’ll hang around a minute and listen to conversations to see if I can find the owner.

$1,300??? No way, my luck is garbage. That money is cursed, marked, something. That’s going somewhere that isn’t my bank account because I’m not taking in more rotten luck than I already have. But if anyone wants to donate $1,300 I mean, I’m not gonna say no……


A few problems with this situation.

First off…. The Police will ‘not’ attempt to ‘find the owner’. They have no inclination to do that. And that is not one of their functions. They would have no better chance of locating the owner than you.

Many jurisdictions can have different policies, but often the money can be claimed by the finder if the ‘loser’ does not claim the money after a certain passing of time.

The Police saying if the owner is not found, the money will be filed as unclaimed property is Pure Horse Puckey.

What logical or ethical reason would justify that unclaimed money would have a better destination in unclaimed Property Locker than in your possession?

You should feel no guilt for finding money.

You could have sat on it and kept alert for anybody asking around or posting in a variety of places about losing money. The person asking would be the only person knowing the exact amount besides you.

If a month goes by without any leads, either keep the money or if you feel ‘funny’ about it, donate it to a local Children’s Hospital or Soup Kitchen serving homeless people.

You should go down to the Police Station that sent the Officer to your house. Hopefully, you got the Officers’ name/badge number? Tell them you felt you did the right thing by turning the money in, but that if the money isn’t claimed, you feel you should be entitled(as the finder) to keep the money.

Ask them what is the Law in their Jurisdiction?

They should ‘know the Protocol’ concerning lost/found money. And…. Because you were such an ‘Honest citizen’ for turning it in, they should have no problem telling you the Law.

….If they tell you the Protocol without hesitation, you will then know…. The Law.

If they decline to answer your questions…. If they say they are too busy…… >>>

Then, at the very least, ask them to invite you to their next Department Barbecue.

Because, you paid $1300 to Fund their party.



Bummer. But easy come, easy go. The person who actually lost it is the one that is really upset with themselves. Whether it was for drugs or rent, someone had a much worse day. The cop that took the money should have made a report. If there’s no report, then they stole the money.


I think we are missing a key point here and hindsight is 20/20. The OP was given the money by his dog. It was a gift.


Should give that good boy extra treats. Train him to find money :rofl:


I would have kept it, fate/universe/god/whatever u believe in gave it to u. Should have donated some to charity (preferably half) and kept the rest.


You did right. Found is not the same as earned, so it is not yours but someone else`s.


Was it in a wallet or a purse or something? Then it’s noble and right you tried to return it to the owner. If it’s like 1300$ loose in a ziplock, that’s Yoyo money. Imo


It was loose on the ground, kind of wish it had been a wallet, that the person could have contacted


I remember when Opey found $50 and after a certain amount of time Andy and Barney said he could keep it