I have a collection of stuff found at worlds

I have an iPhone, and a box of Trading Cards. If someone is able to message me with the information about the iPhone/cards, I will be able to mail them back to you.

Also, Hope everyone had a good time at worlds!

This thread restores some of my faith in humanity.

Do you not know about iPhones and trading cards or are you selling them?

I don’t understand your question…

I found these two items and I am trying to get them back to their owners

I swear to god I found an iPhone too. I put it back though where I found it. Is it jailbroken?

Oh okay sorry I had a brain fart.

lol Me and Jayyo found a metal yoyo that just rolled up to us and we ask all around but couldn’t find the owner so we put it in the lost and found. Don’t worry some of us are cool. C=

If you put it in the lost and found then the owner will never see it again. Ever!

Dang it…

trace great job!!! lol :smiley:

Probably true.

People keep leaving crap on my console doghouse at the anime convention and at the end of each panel, it’s scooped off and any consumable items are trashed and any other items are taken to “lost and get it the hell off my console, aka found.”. All I know is at the end of that convention, the box is full.

Folks, please always make a better effort to retain possession of your stuff! Just in case, please make your stuff so it can find its way back to you somehow.

The echo was claimed from the lost and found the next day.

There is a first time for everything. lol

Sucks for the person that lost it who are on the trainng cards