my clyw gnarwhal

my string just broke and my mint clyw gnarwhal just when flying accrost the hallwall and smashed into my wall hopefully there are know marks

i was using polyester string

I’m sure this has happened to everyone at least once…

the whole purpose is that it was a MINT CLYW GNARWHAL the newer version

Yesterday one of my supernovas broke during horizontal and almost smashed through the tv. Oh and it broke paul han style. lol

I have a one of nine gnarwhal and after about a year or more of it being my main carry it has gone through many similar accidents. I got over it when I threw it strait into the ground because the string broke. Long story short, dings happen and you should be ok with them. I find that I like my beaters more than my mint throws because I’ve been through more with them. Dings make your yoyos yours.

Just saying, it does…

Now it’s yours then