My CLYW Bear vs. Man is now very responsive, please help me


I just received a BvM and it played great for the first week, I set it aside for a couple of days to play with my other yoyos, but when I picked my BvM up today it wasn’t unresponsive, and had a horrible spin time.
I have no idea what happened, and can’t find anything on the forums to help, if someone can give me an idea on what to do to get it back to it’s original play, please do, I miss it.


The problem is the bearing. It might fix if you give it a couple of really hard sleepers the problem may fix itslef. But in the off chance it wont, try switching to a better bearing.

Hope it helps! ;D

(M.DeV1) #3

Clean the bearing. FIXED!


I’ve had lots of trouble with the stock bearing that CLYW sends with their yoyos. I would spare the time it takes to clean it and just put in a high-quality bearing. 10 balls are the greatest bearings ever (hint, hint)

(Edmeister) #5

Bearing died on you = You need to replace the bearing .
Bearing Problems
Bearing Cleaning is in need.
Bearing …
Just slap on another bearing if its strill responsive after cleaning becaues that means its dead.