My BOSS seems to be bossing me - what gives?

I am not sure what is up with this yoyo , I have been using it for about 3 weeks, and even though it has helped me a great deal with certain small things like binding, it just seems like a hard yoyo to do anything with, which is odd considering it reviews great and everyone and their mum can wreck string with it.

But it has become frustrating trying to learn new tricks ( which should be pretty easy with such an advanced yoyo, right? ), it seems like there is this weird balance issue or something, it has a standard YYF bearing ( non kk ) which I think is causing the loop of string around it to slide around to much while in flight causing the string to miss the gap, making me dizzy ( oddly ) and very grouchy.

Any suggestions? I am a left handed thrower using YYSL AMMO at the moment, but it seems like even 100% poly 6 string has issues.

It sounds like you’re pretty new to throwing. I would never recommend getting an unresponsive metal if you’re learning how to bind. Is it your first unresponsive throw? If so, that’s a pretty big transition to make if you ask me. Also, what kinds of tricks are you trying to do? Are they definitely easier on other yoyos? Some people buy a fancy metal yoyo and think it’s suddenly be easier to do all sorts of advanced tricks with it. That’s about as big of a misconception as buying a more expensive pen and thinking it’ll improve your handwriting. Also, a flat bearing does allow string to slide back and forth, but only by a few millimeters and, as far as I know, has no effect whatsoever on making string hits harder/easier. Everyone has trouble learning things. I doubt this has anything to do with the Boss (although maybe I’m wrong, who knows). Just keep practicing.

How long have you been throwing? I had the same problem when I purchased my first metal yoyo (888). and I saw all these videos of people owning that yoyo and for some reason I could only get it to sleep for about 30 secconds, long story short the people using the 888 or your boss are most likely advanced players who have been throwing for a while so they make the yoyo seem perfect but you will most likely just need more practice… And things will start to seem less dificult. at least thats how it worked for me. now when I go back toplaying with my 888 I can get that thing moving for basicly as long as I need it to. Hope that helped…

Well sadly I kind of maybe thought it was just me :frowning: , but alas. I am not “new” to throwing I started back in 1999 with a SuperYo! Invader and Proyo Bee ( I think it was ), I progressed up to a couple of Renegade’s and finally an original Hitman before kids, life, plateauing, etc. hit me.

Long story short is my 11 year old got a yoyo for Easter and it brought me back into it, however after about a day of throwing around my same old tricks I got kind of bored with it, so I have been trying to pick up and learn more newer moves, I seem to pick up on the motions pretty easily ( muscle memory and all that ) it just seems that the smoothness or other issues like I posted above make things not so easy in my advanced age…


Thanks for the replies, I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t something I was missing. Maybe I’ll order a Onestar or something and see if that makes things easier.

I’ve found the boss to be rather unstable. Don’t get me wrong, I got mine cheap so I don’t feel robbed or anything, but I was suprised just how unstable it was, even compared to the YYF Skyline which has pretty much the exact same specs. The small size of it means that on an uneven throw it tends to topple over quite quickly.

My advice, buy a bigger, more stable throw, and stick a centre track in it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Onestars are good, but if you can spare a bit more cash (like $30) then get a Protostar instead. It’s very good for a cheap throw. There are others around that price range that I’ve heard great things about as well (such as the C3 Alpha Crash).

So an interesting development, over my long weekend I decided to go back to throwing my Kickside around and got a bit irritated with the lack of smooth sleep time, so I came up with the genius idea of swapping the bearings around ( YYF BOSS bearing in the Kickside , Kickside bearing in the BOSS ) , well I am seriously thinking its an issue with the YYF bearing because it seemed like the Kickside started to perform all weird like the BOSS and the Boss turned into a stable and dead smooth throw…

anyways, I thought it interesting…

Could be that the YYF Spec was breaking in or needed cleaning.

Just clean it or get a kk bearing it it
Also deoends on the thickness of the string since ammo is pretty thick.

Thanks, Ill try cleaning the bearing, in the meantime I am pretty happy throwing the boss with the kickside bearing in it.

Don’t bother with string centering bearings, like many are suggesting. Improving technique will be more productive and rewarding.