My BLC Experience

BLC was awesome yesterday! This is the first contest I’ve ever been to and it was really fun! I did so many things!

I got my dv888 replaced! I have a dv888 that works now! I bought a new 888 from the YoYoFactory stand! I tried a bunch of new yo-yo’s (expect reviews on all of these)! I tried a BOSS, Catch 13, Buddha King 2, and a Counter-Attack. I tried more, but those are what I am reviewing.

I talked to Samad and gm user for awhile, and watched the contest. It was really impressive what everyone could do. I got autographs from John Ando, Grant Johnson, and Tyler Severence.

I would like to thank YoYoFactory (especially Ben) for doing everything they did. I love YYF!

I would advise against reviewing yoyos you’ve only played for a short amount of time.

Just a general outline would be nice, as long as you stick to the “facts” as much as you can for a few minutes of play.

I actually played with the yo-yo’s a long time. I’m not going to write really in-depth reviews on all of them. :wink:

Looking forward to the review. What were your dislikes of BLC? everyone says what they like but never what they disliked, so what were the cons?

IT WAS AWESOME, i got a poster signed by john ando =DD

No dislikes!

Me too.

well then maybe thats why nobody talks about the dislikes, they dont exist. lol.


i wish i could have gone but i cant, i would have bought loads

Geez I wanted to go so bad. D:


  • The room was pretty hot and sticky, needed more ventilation.
  • I didn’t compete (that’s actually probably a good thing because I still suck).
  • I spent all day manning my video camera, which didn’t give me a chance to try any of the new YYF throws, or talk to as many people as I wanted to or as much as I would have liked.
  • I didn’t buy anything.  ::slight_smile:
  • Ando didn’t perform, or spontaneously come up to me and introduce himself.  :’(
  • It ended eventually.

But those are all nitpicks, overall it was a great time!