my best metal yoyo

i want an all metal yoyo, with these specs.

uber uber uber smooth spin

uber long spin time

really cool paint job (splash, 2 colored or something just really cool)

somewhat H shaped

any sized

what is my best match up?

Uhhh, That’s all that comes to mind. :-\

oh and also, i dont want yyf

Why not? YoYoFactory is a great brand.

Anyway, there aren’t much H-Shape yoyos that come to mind that aren’t YoYoFactory. You’re pretty much going to have to settle for a YoYoFactory. :-\

Um… HSpin Envy?

-It’s got an H-Shape, so it’s got heavy duty rim weight.
-It’s on the heavy side.
-It has a wide gap.
-Its bearing is pretty small, so it has high RPM.
-All of the above contribute to long spins.
-It’s discontinued, so you’ll have to pick one up on eBay or the BST.

Does this help at all?

your best bet is to research all the brands you can find and then ask about specific models. there is a ton of mainstream and boutique manufacturers of all-metal yoyos so you shouldn’t narrow your search by just asking for the opinions of others before you do some research of your own. who knows? you may miss out on the perfect yoyo otherwise.

go with the skyline if you can find one.

If you are lenient on the shape, get a BvM or a Peak. They are smooth. ;D

You could get a YYF Hectic, they’re pretty good and they’re nice and cheap! But I can’t think of anything else that’s not YYF…

Thay aern’t too hard to find, check YYN.

Well, the BvM fits most everything that you want. It is not H shaped though. But it comes very close to it. And it grinds just as good as an H shaped yoyo.

Agreed ;D