need help for a new metal yoyo.Please Reply ASAP before these beauties are gone!

(Ryan) #1

since i have been playing for 6 months i feel i need a metal yoyo.but cant decide because i never ever touch or play with a metal …
1.i like small undersized yoyos to a a hitman sized
.2.i like mainly h-shape yoyos and flat rims like projects…alos a bit of round.
3.i love to mod.
4.i like to do any type of tricks but mainly 1a.
5.color doesnt really matter price range is around $40-$1107.ii finish this site…well not really because i still cant do ladder escape lol.

i answered samad questions…^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the ones im planning to get are skyline.BVM,dv888,or 888

and also are BVMs undersized and i heard people saying there are not as good as yyf metals…what bearing do they use.!!
Please Reply ASAP


Well,the skyline has an h-shape and the dv888 has flat rims.
So those both fit your preferences,the 888 and BvM are rounded so those wont fit your prefereces
I LOVE my skyline but have good expirience with dv888s also,I prefer a skyline.

(cottoncandym1) #3

get a mi1 its only $60 and onedrop just restocked the flow grove colors and also i have a superstar and i like it as much as my m1

if you cant tell by my name mine is a padded blue/pink one


I’d take a deeper look into the superstar especially if you like H shaped yoyo’s. Personally, I’d go with the 888 from just the choices you gave, but you should know it’s very round.