My begleri sets

Two sets of AO2 Titan AL Sports, an A02 silicone Everyman (Hardcore), a Zeekio Berry, an MFD Kokonutz, and an MFD Ape Grapes:


I have an AO2 Titan 550 Beta titanium set on the way, along with a pair of brass Herc inserts for the silicone Everyman set to give them a little more mass.


Cool man! What tricks do you like?

I’m just beginning, so the only things I can do so far are the basic two-finger wrap, rebound, and slips.

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Just got my first set. Do you play both long and short game?

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Cool! I love a good begleri sesh, my fav are the wukongs still, but the titanium ape grapes are a close second.

I go mid length, long enough to do wraps but short enough to go fast!

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I’m focusing on the long game atm.

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I have some thumbchucks but I diy my own.