my bday is coming up soo...

need to know what yoyo to get. i am thinking of getting an equinox or a fiesta because i hate the bigyo but love 4a. so which would you recommend for that. leaning to fiesta for price, but equinox i kinda want more.

and for 1a. i want something preferably undersized, but am not to strict about that. i want it to be stable. i got a skyy chaser and an 888x and they were not stable enough. i don’t want anything that is to heavy because i had a P2 and it hurt on every throw. i love grinds and hubstacks wouldn’t be bad (yes i have tried them and i know they are unneeded but still fun and i know a few hubstack tricks that i have not done since i sold my 888x). kinda leaning towards a skyline or a campfire. i do want to try some newer companies too. how is the singularity? any good vs newtons?

so looking for undersized, stable*, grinds*, hubstacks, not too heavy*, not too slow.

someone offered me an M1 with hubstacks. while it does fit nicely, i already have one without hubstacks. i also have had 888x, G5, punchline, skyychaser, P2, 5star, hatrick, ministar, and a few others that i forgot about. love the generalyos and spyys.

I keep saying to myself that you really need a Skyline. I think you’ll really be happy with it. Except, if not, the Campfire. I think that would be the best choice for yo IMO.

The skyline sounds perfect for you and I would get the equinox over the fiesta

YYR Messiah

the messiah sounds great too, but it is a little expensive. not your fault though, i forgot to mention price. preferably under $100, that way i could also get an equinox, but i could slide a little.

maybe if something was on sale durring oct and nov…