my bank had free yoyos :D

Today was the lapfcu’s (los angeles police federal credit union) 75th anniversary, so they had like a little party thing. I got there around the end, so they were basically giving what they had left of the stuff away. One of the things they had were some yoyos, so I took like 6 of them. lol
they’re actually not bad loopers.
they’re clutch system (like a brain) and that uhh… whatever the loop 900’s shape is called.
they’re trans-axles
and they light up! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll put up a video/pics later, cuz I’m out the door right now. overall though not bad for a completely free yoyo.

man, i wish i went, a opportunity to meet the people who protects us daily and free yoyos ;D

I know, right? haha
unfortunately they turned out not very good…
out of the 6 I got, I could only get like 2 to sleep at all. ><
I might be able to mod them a bit to make them better.

And just on a side note, I went to sunshine kite company today and met Yoshi Mikamoto, and tried out his signature that should be coming out soon, the Cerberus.
And bought a yyf Monster. which is amazing, I might add.

You mean the Vigilante? That was the name of protos he had at BAC.

I’m not sure. I thought he said it was the cerberus. Was the vigalante a metal/plastic like a dark magic?

Now I’m all hyped up!

hey how was the cerberus? was it good? Like compare it to other yyj bi-metals

I don’t really remember, it was a while ago that I threw it. I can ask him tomorrow if I can throw it again though :slight_smile:
and just an update on the free bank yoyos… I take back what I said about them being not bad. I let some of my non-yoyo friends use them, and they smacked them into the floor. broke the first time :confused:
apart from how fragile they are though, they’re okay.

Do you go to Yoshi’s yoyo class at the Redondo pier?I do. :wink: