My absolute favorite freestyle.

Post your absolute favorite freestyle (I named it this way cause of the “My absolute favorite video” thread :wink: ), that was preformed by you, here!
Heres mine:
(Im in the supernova shirt)

Before everyone else does…

And this masterpiece. Probably my favorite of all time.

Also the man who should’ve won Worlds this year, Mr. Paul Kerbel.

Those are all rally good freestyles, but haha this thread was for freestyles preformed by YOU.

If you want to post videos of others freestyles, than go ahead; but know that when I posted the freestyle of me, that was my fav preformed by me, not my favorite ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Woopsies… :-[


This might be the only freestyle I’ve done that I actually still really like. Scott Pilgrim music probably helps that, even if it is a little ridiculous.

All-time favorite freestyle is still Ando winning Worlds '08, though. Not what the topic is for, but too perfect not to mention!


Favorite Freestyle.

Well this is my only freestyle:

I hate it though. Old tricks, I messed up, and they gave me the wrong music. Was supposed to be using 1:17-2:17 of House by Overwerk. Uploaded the song to them correctly, checked to make sure it was in their system. Instead got some weird song…

Seriously though I did so badly, I’m embarrassed to post this. I have no idea why I uploaded it. :stuck_out_tongue: