my 888 :'(

my dad walked into my room picked my 888 tried it and cracked it of a metal trashcan. Now it has a distinct wobble and a huge dent, thanks dad

(p.s) i wasn’t in my room when it happened but i heard the ding

get over it

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Listen dude, in life thing will get bad for no reason once so ever,
so you’ll have to get over it, as for yoyos…Yoyos gonna ding.
It just a matter of time before they do…its The Natural Order of Yoyos. :frowning:

he managed to dent your 888 on a metal trash can bad enough so that it wobbles and there’s a huge dent? sounds a bit fishy… previous owner of my m1 had his string break and it rolled into the street and it’s still quite smooth. g5’s been through a lot, and again, still smooth. my raptor’s even come apart and rolled down concrete stairs and it’s still smooth.

But really, what jayyo said.

So your dad finally decide to follow your hobby? Sounds great.

Thank you for giving him great advice, oh holy “forum eXpert”.


I would check if the stack is bent.

No problem, I help out when I can!

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My dad accidentally knocked my MINT E=mc2 from the sink ledge on to the tile floor. it bounced, and it now has scuffs.

I took Josh’s advice.

everytime i get a new yoyo, i tell myself “no one can use this cause i dont want any dings on it”…Gosh i love eating my words…apparently…insanity what is it, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Moral: metal yoyo’s will get dinged…ive got this $75 purple Wooly Marmot coming in…no vibe or marks…guess what’ll happen in a couple of days? Thanks Jayyo im gonna prepare to get over it right now…im starting right now…

At least you have an 888. My best yoyo is a hmp. I guess it still sucks.