My 2013 YoYoFactory Mystery Box

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Wow! You’ve got some nice Yoyos there! That hubstacks Genesis was unexpected!

Definitely! Totally expected an Equilateral. I actually already have a 2012 Genesis, but the hubstacked one is definitely better. The 2012 one was just too hefty for me, and this one has a little more float, which I like. Plus this one has hubstacks and a MUCH better finish!

I get mine today. I’ll let you know what i get in it.

Nice job on the vid

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I got a Hubstack Genesis Black, Shaqler, and a Roll Model!!!

The Genesis also came with an extra bearing, YoYo Factory Multi tool and extra response pads. All yoyos came with string. YYE %100 Poly Black,White,Blue Twisted.

Thanks! I am glad that I didn’t goof up while unboxing, because then I would have had to reshoot it with me already having opened it, LOL. I also tried to keep it short since some of the ones I saw from previous years were kind of long.

yea there were some long ones last year I prefer short vids because I get bored if its too long

Same here, my longest video is only a hair over two minutes (not counting the Sports Ladder one), LOL.

BTW, thank you for over 90 views in 24 hours, and over 100 by now! That got views QUICK, LOL.

Genesis wow you guys are so lucky now I wish I had got one :o :o

Well theres always next year