Mvp 1 or 2


I was wondering what are the thoughts on the mvp?


The MVP is an amazing yoyo. Absolutely insane spin times. I’m talking 5-7 minutes. That’s insane for me. Stability is awesome. It can hurt though if you hit yourself… so don’t hit yourself.


I have owned an Mvp 2 for around 4 or 5 months now. Since then, I have neglected most of my other throws because of how unbelievable it is. It’s definitely not for everyone, since the weird shape on the inside is hard to get used to. Like said, incredible spin times, high stability, and great for things like eli hops. Only cons are that it hurts really bad if you get hit by it and that if you get a bad throw, correcting the spin is nearly impossible without completely killing the spin time. Awesome yoyo, I highly recommend it.


I have owned both. Personally i was really hyped to get the MVP2 since not alot are on the BST and after playing both i actually like the original one beyter…

With the rim design being cut out on the mvp2 its not as solid, doesbt spin for as long, feels hollow, basically loses alot of what the original mvp had that made it special to me

Tge mvp2 is a bit floatier, it also feels quite a bit smaller that the mvp 1 eventhough they are the same diameter or close. But since the rims are way less chunky on the mvp2 it doesnt give the nice solidness and crazy nice spin times the og mvp has

I personally think the mvp2 is too narrow for theundercut design aswell

If you want smth floatier than the mvp 2 i would go with the Avant Garde 2 instead of tge mvp2, i thought i would like mine more than i did, but the original mvp surpassed my expectations :slight_smile:

The original mvp can be found for pretty cheap, under $30 on bst for one w light damage, the mvp 2 except to pay 70+