I see that there a lots of MVP2s left in stock at YYE. Are they any good? Are they good for 5A?

Had one …

Personally mvp1 is better . I play it more than my yoyorecs , and space cowboy .

I feel like on the mvp2 they should have kept the same rim design as the mvp1. Mvp2 feels a little awkward

Just look how beautiful this is

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Eh not a very good throw in my opinion (the MVP1. I doubt the second is better). You could get many better throws for less.

I’d challenge you on that …

Mvp 1 is an incredible throw. To this day is a beast at horizontal.

I wouldn’t pay full price for a mvp 2 but you could get mvp1s in the bst for $50ish

I would know I bought 3

And then sold two later