MVP2 Impressions

What’s up YoYo Universe. Hope things are good. I had the luck to try out the MVP2 for a good while this past weekend and thought to offer a few observations on it.

First thing I noticed is that its a softer design all around than the 1st MVP. Much less rigid feeling. The rims are softer, especially on the returns. There is less weight with this throw also. Its quite faster but still has the same iron clad stability as the first MVP.

On the first throw, it felt very very solid with no apparent vibe. It’s Incredibly stable with a lot, a lot of horsepower. It stays in position from start to finish. Catches are done easily with this throw. It has a lower stepped H than the first MVP which contributes to more forgiving catches as well as concentrating even more force on the rims.

During play I found it quite nimble to hop around with. Most of the players I talked to about it agree that it has even more spin than the first model. Can you imagine? Another nice improvement with play is that it can grind way better than the first one as far is palm and arm grinds go. I know this was an issue for some players with the first one. With the MVP2 I landed a palm grind right off a breakaway perfectly and it just stood there grinding away. It was beautiful. I had a smile a mile wide hehe. Then I went for an IRG and ran into a snag. This model has less of a ridge than the first one as you can see by the pics. I was able to thumb grind but could not hold it too long. It will take more practice of course and maybe smaller fingers.

Overall I was not disappointed. If you liked the first MVP, You’re probably gonna love the MVP2. I feel its definitely worth the expense. Its a Softer hold, Faster, Lighter, Iron clad Stable, can grind and SPINS even LONGER and who does not want that???

A Big thx to YYF for making it lighter and faster without sacrificing performance.

(Pics are not to precise scale. Red Pics Courtesy of YYE.)

Great comparison. I’ve never played either of them, but they look really unique. I thought it was interesting that YYE touted the MVP 2 as “wide” and “exceptional for horizontal play”, because the catch zone looks really small, significantly smaller than the original MVP.

Any comments on this difference in catch zone? Any measurements of the space between the flat rims? Thanks.

What’s up 5 Iron. You’ve a keen eye and made a good point. Inside Measurement would have been a luxury this weekend if I could have done it. I felt no difference really while comboing as far as the catch zone goes, Easy as ever… Thx for stopping by!

To my highly untrained eye, even with the .3mm increase in width, that seems to be more than eaten away with the wider rims of the MVP2. I consider the catch zone that which is between the insides of those flat rims.

Personally, I’m not liking the looks of the MVP2. I’m definitely going to try to close a deal on a regular MVP.

I’d have to play this MVP2 to see if I’d like it. Actually, I’m pretty sure I would like it. I just happen to like how the regular MVP looks a lot better. I’m not really warming up majorly to this under-cut thing. However, one can see that it gave YYF the ability to place massive amounts of weight a the rims. This should play like they say.

I like the look of the first MVP for sure. But this one plays like butter hehe. It does make sense to try one out first if you can. The undercut thing will probably appear on more YYF models as it really channels rim weight more precisely. Downside maybe for some is the Aesthetic appeal and maybe a good place for lint to rest hehe. I don’t mind it though. Both throws are Beasts. Good Luck and Have fun with your MVP!