Mustang ES?

Anyone try one? That seems pretty heavy

68-69g ain’t that heavy, these days people are crazed with “floaty”; 63g or less… anything more than that and it’s a “brick”

Titanium feels lighter on the string than Aluminum in my experience.
69g on a Ti throw will feel much different than 69g on an Alu throw. This is due to thinner walls and weight distribution(?)

Heft feels good on the string for me (I prefer 65g-67g) - lighter throws are fun too but I prefer the beefiness. the AluFloat feels CRAZY and I haven’t even thrown a TiFloat

Peep this:

Turning Point Sancti Grail specs:



The ES spin time is unmatched by the best of them including the Fulvia BMT and the Anglam MG but if you like to push speed I would go with the Mustang. I also have a Sancti Grail, the thing is not a yo-yo it’s a freak, and should not be made mention of again. :wink:


I have one… It doesn’t feel as heavy as the spec says… It feels light for 68 gram yoyo tbh. Spin time? Don’t ask, it spins for~ever… Stable, powerful, and suuper smooth (mine’s zero vibe)…
Even i want to snag one more if i have free cash :joy:


I did end up getting one.
It is the bedt throw i have ever played, but id love to try an og stang


Same here… want to try og mustang also… wonder how it plays compared to es

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You will have a hard time finding the exact specs on both the Mustang and the Mustang ES -

***Things to consider: the variables including, axle, bearing, response, as well as finish.

DIFF - ES is thinner smaller diameter by a point and 2.5 grams heavier off base (RAW)
***There is a visual difference which is noticeable around the outer ring being thicker on the ES also the axle nipple seems to be more contrasting. ***

The OG Mustang is in my opinion is the most dominant competition yo-yo to date. With that being said, its modest specs and sensible design make for a much more diverse target market, especially considering the cost. The original mustang to me, and growing up as a thrower in this day in age where the current trend of design is hallmarked by sensibility and logic focus on the weight being acceptable to a wider market. With Bi-metals being affordable even at entry level for a new player, the vast majoritity of modern yoyo design fits within perimeters regardless of material into a lower register average idk maybe 64? . TurningPoint yoyo’s have always been on the heavier side, part of this comes from Kentaro’s personal requirements as well as Tanaka, Takeshi, Jason and even Shinji when he was really groove down on 1A. Shinji’s Requirements are smaller mid Dia, Mid weight and thinner width. Takashi specs have become increasingly conformed to a solid 56 and 42.5 with a about 67 gram weight. and the average players (throw all your throws away) every day carry work horse. The specs seem very sensible. I personally throw the ES and is my bottom Bish 4eva

When I spoke with Takeshi, he told me that the variation between weight is due to the axle as well as the finish, Some crack finishes require more aggressive measures to apply the finish. Green is the most difficult color to achieve in anodizing titanium.

Takeshi’s Cracked Green Mustang ES I got from his Mavetrick store:
DIA: 56
WID: 42.4
Gram: 68.6*

He notes that the dimensions were taken at the Turning Point store location in which Satoshi who owns and operates would have taken the measurements. Throw matches description


You said the ES weighs less? I thought it was the other way around.
wish I would have known about that green es. Thats awesome!

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ES has a smaller DIA and not as wide. it weighs 2.5 grams heavier.

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Thanks dude, I edited. I notice Rewind versus Spingear is the main two sources for feedback on specs, and seeings years of data cataloging you start to appreciate the little details as well as the archivist’s idiosyncrasy’s such as using a titanium axle versus a stainless. But Satoshi is a very detailed man who i trust in his information on the TP store.

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