Must Learn Begginer tricks?

What are some tricks to learn for future combing? “no easy tricks like trapeze or the basics”

1.5 Mount, Wrist Mount, most of the “nothings”, Ladder Mount.

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well u do need to learn trapeze

efile tower
gravity pull
and much more all i can think of

once you got your very basics down like gravitty pull and breakaway, you should learn all of the mounts, and maybe a trick or two from each mount. atomic bomb, braintwister, etc.
then learn some harder tricks that have good elements, skin the gerbil, suicide, ladder escape, kamikaze, chosticks, and laceration. and after that the combos just pop into your head! i made a cool one from the wrist mount today

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All of them.

I think there are no must-learn tricks. It all depends on your style, and the type of tricks you prefer doing, in my opinion.

The objective is to learn as many mounts and dismounts as possible. In essence, that’s what the tricks are teaching you. Learn the tricks, but play close attention how they thread into each other. Notice things like how Split the Atom and Brain Twister have the same ending, but you get there differently. Before long, just let your instincts take over, and freestyle. Just do what you love - yo-yo.

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Just want to put in a vote for The Magic Drop and Shockwave.

Oooh, the evil trick…

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