Musical surprise!

I think I can speak on behalf of many of the yoyo players in this community when I say that throwing some tricks while listening to music is something we do quite often given the opportunity presenting itself. I know for myself, there’s nothing like finishing a long days work, washing up, getting into some comfortable lounge clothes, and freestyling to some chill and laid back tunes (or faster raging tunes if the mood is right!).

The other day, I was yoyoing a bit to a Death Note OST CD, and we had a power outage. Well obviously, that’s no fun. Apparently some maintenance on our street had gone awry, and all power in a two block radius was cut. The stereo obviously would no longer work, and I couldn’t really yoyo in the dark very well, so my time of relaxation with the yoyo was over.

Luckily for me, I am prepared for power outages, and I keep some battery powered lights around just in case. However, I decided to mix things up a bit and put out some candles instead. I love the way candle light looks, it’s very mystical and mysterious to me and it puts me in a different place. I put some out around me, and decided to make use of my ipod as long as it still had some battery life left in it. I keep a large variety of music on my ipod. TONS of various anime OST’s, video game ost’s, movie soundtracks, and lots of numerous house mixes thanks to my DJ friend, and a few various random gems here and there of all sorts of genres.

As I looked through my playlist, I came across a track I had downloaded some time ago from youtube of something I was using for a AMV. It’s a playlist of numerous dark ambient tracks that definitely isn’t for everyone. I put it on and just listened to it for a while, letting the overall creepiness of it take over, when a thought came to mind. “I wonder if I can yoyo to this?”
Dark ambient is probably the LAST thing I would normally consider trying to yoyo with, but for the sake of experimentation, I decided to see what happened.

I am SO glad I did. It turns out that in some weird twisted way, dark ambient, mixed with the atmosphere of candlelight made a very interesting yoyo atmosphere. I found that it put me into a relaxed, but also somewhat timid mood, that definitely transferred into my yoyoing.

It was a totally strange turn of events that led me to trying to yoyo with this style, and it makes me wonder how other genres of music might affect my yoyoing. Definitely worth some experimentation. I guess the overall message I have from this, is to not be closed minded on what sort of music you yoyo to. Maybe the genre you would never even dream of throwing to might be something that you’d actually greatly enjoy and throw well to. I certainly had a surprise.

Worth a try I think! :slight_smile:

Thats a pretty good story. I definatly wanna try candle light yoyoing now it sounds like fun.

Its very interesting!
Everything looks very different, the way the light catches on the string, and the light about the room, it creates a very unique experience.

Also, for those curious, this was the playlist I was talking about:

not for everyone, but hey, some may enjoy!