Much B/S/T. Very Yo-Yo. Such sale. Wow.


Hi guys, my name is Cyanight, and this, is my b/s/t!

Arctic Circle

Old superstar(hubstacked)

One Drop

FEEL FREE TO OFFER ANYTHING! These are just some things I could think of!

If you have less feedback than me, you send first! If you have 20+ feedback I will ship first… If you have any negative or neutral feedback, you must ship first. You MUST ship with a tracking number. If you cannot ship with a tracking number, or have negative or neutral feedback, I must recieve the yoyo(s) first and inspect it before shipping my yoyo(s)

[color=red]Now, on to the actual stuff!
Pictures>>> <<<Pictures

Black 08/08/08.
Condition: A bunch of small damage around the sides, only one ding that is feelable.
Play:Needs pads, small bearing so is a bit catchier than large bearing throws, if I remember correctly it is pretty smooth, good pocket throw.

Raven 888.
Condition: 6 or so small scratches/spots around the rims.
Play: Plays very well, and very smooth. Probably my favorite of the 888’s I have. Gonna be very hard to get this off me.

Grind Machine^2, limited edition. I believe its a Nation Yoyo contest edition.
Condition: Near mint. One small flatspot thats very hard to see and doesn’t break ano. You probably can’t find it if you’re not looking for it.
Play: It plays well, although I havn’t played it in a while. I havn’t played it since I put the flatspot on it, I’ve only thrown it 3-4 times.

Condition: Very near mint. It has some tiny production marks around the rims that can only be seen under direct light and are near enough impossible to see if you aren’t looking hard enough. It also has one tiny scratch near the catch zone, that can also barely be seen.
Play: Honestly, one of my favorite YYF yoyos. This plays very well, especially for the price.


The only CLYW I currently have is a BvM2.
Condition: I’m going to say very near mint, if there is any damage the ano hides it very well and its almost impossible to see, but I can’t find any. I’m also saying this because it’s been played quite a bit.
Play: This yoyo plays amazing. Easily one of my favorite CLYW’s I’ve used. Absolutely dead smooth.

One Drop:

Code 2: Nautilus.
Grasshopper colorway
Condition: 3 or so tiny scratches around the rims that are hard to see. I’d say near mint.
Play: One of my favorite yoyos to use. This one plays very well. It spins for a really long time, it has the tiniest bit of vibe that can be tuned out, but still plays very well.

General Yo:

I have two Entheos’. They’re both B grade, only for ano flaws. They both have no vibe, and play amazingly. The yellow one has one large flatspot, and a lot of ano flaws, but they don’t affect play. The other Entheos is half black and half blue, and has a lot of damage around the rims. It has probably 5-6 small dings/scratches around the rims. None of them are feelable and none affect play. These are both great yoyos, and I’m only letting one go because I want to keep one.

Thats it for now, I will be adding more yoyos later.



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