Nicholi's BST: LOTS F/S, Avalanche, Chief, Yoyo joker, a few more!

Hey guys, This is my BST. I hope you are able to find something you like and we can work out a deal. :slight_smile:

I am really just trying to sell right now, but if you. Must offer a trade only offer me a high end CLYW OR ONE DROL! (wouldn’t mind another sasquatch) [/u]

PAYPAL IS MY PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD. I have a verified account. Though I am willing to do money orders/transfers if you do not have a paypal account.


YYF DV888 has some scratches and a cluster of pinpricks, plays great! 2010 edition, Red. Plays like a tank on the string. Goodtimes. 25$

YYF Neon Protostar Neon orange. Plays great, with no pulse vibe whatsoever. A friend bought it for me for my birthday, so i probably won’t sell it but you can

2012 YYF Genesis2012 red/silver splash edition. Has some damage (no serious dings) and a slightly noticeable vibe. It still plays amazing and is the most perfect 5A yoyo. Best YYF ever made in my opinion. Would be perfect for someone wanting to get into 5A and not damage a brand new throw40$


One drop Code 2 This is of a very VERY limited pre production run. I got it at the beginning of february from David and Shawn before they were released. Very very precious to me. The ONLY engraved Pre-pro one that exists. 1/1. Plays smooth, like a code 2. One of the best competition throws out there in my opinion. Does have some minor scratches around the rim. comes with box and ten ball or CenterTrac. Will also throw in two sets of side effects of your choice.

One Drop 54 Black. This is the ORIGINAL version with the old logo. Sadly it’s not mint anymore, has a series of verysmall pinpricks. comes with box and ten ball or CenterTrac. Will also throw in two sets of side effects of your choice. Very smooth.

CLYW OG AvalancheThis is a first run Avalanche. Mint as far as I can tell. Cotton candy colorway (since I don’t know the actual name) Very very hard to find. I don’t have the original box but I do have a CLYW box that it’s pictured with. Plays great and very smooth for an older CLYW. Comes with box and Centertrac installed $120

CLYW FG Chief Hulk smash fools gold Chief of the 66 gram runs. Was FG due to minor ano flaws (pictured) the marks you see in the pictures are the ano flaws not damage. It’s in near. Perfect condition, no major dings. Or anything. I’m a firm believer that FG CLYWs are better than A grade. This one is no exception. Plays perfectly smooth and awesome colorway. $110

YoyoJoker Double Joker Worlds edition double Joker. Plays great. Super under-rated yoyo. An amazingly fast mid-sized competition throw. Has one very small flatspot. Can’t really get a good picture of it. OFFER


Thanks for lookin!!

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