YYR, Deadly Spins Wrath, Set Sail, YYF Shu-Ta, etc, take a look!

Hi guys, my names Cyanight, and without any further introduction, here comes my B/S/T!

Offer Anything!
Any yyr’s!
One Drop:
Summit(Splashes only)
Project 1&2
Any Benchmark Series yoyos
Arctic Circle
Avalanche OG or Comeback
Puffin 1
Galactic Goose
Wooly Marmot
Level 6
General Yo:
Anything else from XCube lol.
These are just the things I can think of right now, feel free to offer me anything!

Onto the stuff

YYF CZM8. Amazing throw, dead smooth. Looks awesome, feels awesome. Really great shape IMO. Near mint, one little group of pinpricks on the rim(5-6 pinpricks, all together, doesn’t look like much/blends in.)

sOMEThING ::JetSet:: One of the best 4a throws IMO. Some normal 4a marks, I’d say near mint for a 4a throw. Just a couple scratches, mostly used over carpet.

RecRev Neuae. Good little pocket throw. B-grade, no b-grade engravings though. Tiny, tiny vibe. Awesome pocket thrasher.

Shu-ta. Near mint, one small flatspot that doesn’t break anno and isn’t feelable. Amazing throw, dead smooth. Kinda hard to get.

Radical Seas Set Sail
This throw is really good. Its mint and dead smooth.

C3 Mo-vitation
This is my main throw. Its reaaaally good, and its going to be hard to get off me. Dead smooth, and the perfect shape for me. Amazing for fingerspins. It has a lot of little damage and pinpricks on the rims, but nothing that affects play, and nothing really noticeable. Only a couple of the pinpricks/flatspots are actually feelable, if you’re trying to feel them.

Deadly Spins Wrath
Mint w/ Box Dead Smooth Amazing player

Whimsy Aloha
Near mint w/ box tiny vibe can maybe be tuned out, one scratch in cup, great carry-around yoyo

Spyy OG Spyder
Smooth, cool player if you like organics, good collector Yoyo. WYYC 2007 Edition, #17, one little thing(Dont even know what to call it) Thats just where the finish rubbed off, can only be seen under a light.

YYR Triplet Mint
Awesome, amazing yoyo. Honestly, one of the best yoyos I’ve played. Dead smooth, an amazing player. Will be hard to get off of me.

Vendetta Annoed Y Factor
This is a very rare(1 of 2, not sure where the other is) y factor, its custom annoed by Vendetta. Half is green, half is purple, and it has white “clouds” all over it. Last time I played it, it played awesome, but I haven’t played it in a while. It has some little damage, like tiny flatspots and some pinpricks.

2 mighty fleas, one old and one new. They have some damage, but not much. They both play exactly as you expect a throw this small to play. They’re REALLY fun to use, but they’re not easy. The black etching in them has sort of faded away a bit.

YYF Cypher, WYYC 2014 Edition Mint w/ Box(Ripped on the bottom)
This throw might be a bit hard to get from me. Its smooth as butter, mint in box, a worlds edition, and plays awesomely.

YYF Shutter Near mint, I can get a YYF Box for it if needed.
This plays great, amazing throw for the price. It has one scratch in the catch zone and 2-3 small pinpricks on the rim. Dead smooth.

PENDINGLast, But not least, an Anti-yo Bapezilla.2 Mint w/ pouchPENDING
This plays really awesome. If you plan to play it a lot, you probably want to sand down the area around the bearing a bit, because the finish is a bit of a string eater. If you like organic throws, you’ll LOVE this. Smooth as butter.PENDING

Impossibly possible.

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Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday!!!

I have a 3YO3 omnicron x (metal) with a twisted trifecta bearing in it. It has some bites from pavement but it is smooth as glass. I would trade for the battosai or any of the general yo’s. I can get pics if interested.

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