Cyanights BST- Lots of cool stuff :D

Hey Guys, I havn’t been in the yoyo community for a while, because I’ve just been going to my weekly yoyo club/class.    <===Pictures

So here’s my B/S/T:
The wants are at the bottom.

First up Catalyst(Yoyofactory) I have a weird one, that feels like it was painted (It wasn’t) The anno i guess is messed up, and feels like its paint ontop of the other anno cause it’s too this or something. Its Lime green with splash.  Pretty beat up, but not badly. It probably has like 10 small nicks on the sides. Some are feelable some are not.

I also have another catalyst Its a sort of pink/purple acid wash, and it has like 2 small nicks. This is probably one of my favorite throws right now. Its pretty smooth, good at grinds, and looks cool.

Near Mint Minty Mint Chief. This is a really awesome throw. It’s pretty smooth, it’s an awesome color, and it’s just overall awesome. Definitely one of CLYW’s best throws! It has a ding on one of the rims, but that’s all. Otherwise it’s pretty perfect. It has an awesome finish as well.

I also have an Avante Garde 1 I accidentily hit it (while it wasnt spinning) against the concrete, so it has like 5 pinpricks in one area, but they don’t affect the play. It has a small vibe, but its a really awesome throw. Its the gold color with the blue splash in the catch zone.

Next I have a near mint (one barely noticeable blends in with the anno unfeelable nick in the side) works edition D bearing Skywalker. This thing is pretty smooth. Its great for grinds. It has a broken in bearing so it’s pretty loud, and it probably needs a new bearing. I don’t have any D bearings though. If you don’t care, you can just use the loud bearing, and it works fine. This is $150 shipped.

Then theres a Battosai which is black with awesome gold splash. It has 4 small dings as far as I can tell. Theres two on each side, right next to each other. If there was an imaginary line across the catch zone, the four dings would connect with each other through the line.
It’s pretty smooth, and an awesome throw for probably advanced players. It’s pretty small though.

I also have 3 Mutant DNA’s the first one is purple/green acidwash, and has quite a lot of marks on the rims, but is still a good smooth player. The next one is an awesome blood red, and has like two pinpricks and a mark that you can barely see because it didn’t really take off the anno, and you can’t feel, and this one is dead smooth IMO. The last one is pink/orange acid wash with black splash. The condition is unknown right now, for it is in my moms car and shes at work but will be back around 6 P.M.

The next one is my code one. It’s the cobalt edition I believe? Its blue/white with black splash. Its got a couple little scratches and some small unfeelable dings, but this is an awesome throw. Its pretty darn smooth. Gonna take quite a bit to get off of my hands. It comes with black spike side effects.

Gnarwhal- Blue with yellow/pink acidwash/splash kind of thing. It’s beautiful. It’s got its’ fair share of scratches and dings around the rims, and it has vibe/wobble, but I still have fun playing with it. All of my CLYW’s will not be easy to get off me, because they are all awesome.

OD Code 2. I believe this is the patience grasshopper edition of it? It’s green/white acidwash with black splash. Amazingly awesome anno on this one. Awesome, smooth player. It has the rings in the middle, for better grinds. This is probably going to be hard to get off of me.

Jet set by Something- Mint. It’s an awesome 4a throw. It is pink with black weight rings. I honestly don’t do very much 4a anymore. $150 takes this, and it’s free shipping and probably a tracking number. US only.

Chico Heavy Hitter- Beat to crap. This will most likely be a deal sweetener. It has some vibe, but it is mostly a good player.

Custom Anno Y factor. Vendetta(?) I believe. It’s half green/half purple, with white acid wash. It’s got some pinpricks, but no real dings or anything. It’s pretty smooth, and it’s a good grinder because it has the rings in the catch zone. It could have a better finish, but w/e.I’m looking for about $75 for this.

Decapod by TenYoyo-It has like two small dings, but you can’t feel them. This is a really cool throw. If you get a not, the shape allows you to get it out without getting a slender object, or unscrewing it. You can just reach in and grab it out. This is definitely an awesome throw. It’s pretty smooth.

That is all. If you are out of country, you ship first, and you pay for shipping
US customers/traders is free shipping.
Turning point prominence
YYF Delrin severe
YYF H.O.T (maybe)
Mostly anything CLYW
Avalanche (new version)
Drop bear
Good $$$$ offers
Ti yoyos
Some X-Cube stuff