fs/ft 2012 genesis, green acid wash Catalyst, triple crown Raptor

I have these yoyos that I’ve played with a lot and I’m looking to downsize my collection some more

I really want a marmot but any clyw would be better even beat up or FG I would trade all these for one if its not too messed up but I’ll take any offer into consideration

I’m not looking for mint throws these are not mint so I wouldn’t expect any mint trades

I’m also looking for a punchline or a good delrin or OD cascade

I’ll sell them all for $100 cash though

2012 genesis
it has some scratches and one ding I filed off but it still plays smooth

green acid wash catalyst
this was my first 5a yoyo so its dinged and a little vibey

triple crown duncan raptor
this one has a couple scratches but still plays smooth and has an awesome finish on it

still taking offers on any or all if these looking to downsize my collection something serious

I pm u check it out?

Any offers are welcome I’d also like a boss or a punchline if anyone has one

bumplestiltskin update wants

Please only bump once a day. You have bumped numerous times on the same day. Once a day is the rule.

bump still taking offers please no hubstacked yoyos thank you