mrcnja's woodshop sale

Gentlemen, prepare your wallets.

Fixed Axle Sleeves
These fit any yo-yo that normally uses a C sized bearing and transform it into a fixed axle yo-yo. You should always use cotton strings with them and change your strings at reasonable intervals to prevent damage to the yo-yo. $2 for flat ones and $5 for grooved ones.

Wooden Caps
These fit Freehand Zeros and any other yo-yo that can use FHZ sized caps (such as the Duncan MG and Werrd Hour). $5 gets you a pair of these. Custom designs can also be added on a case by case basis, but must be kept fairly simple (PM me and we can talk).

All sales include free shipping. Quantities are limited so they are first come first served. Once I run out of stock, I will edit this post and all orders will be put on a waiting list.

im confused. what exactly is a fixed axle sleeve?

It makes your yoyo fixed axle.

It’s a wooden sleeve that fits over the axle in place of a bearing, thus making your yoyo a fixed axle as Mr. Yoyoguy says above. See the picture mrcnja posted.

Is there a remarkable difference in performance between the flat and the grooved.

Yes, the grooved ones sleep significantly longer and have a more traditional fixed axle feel to them than the flats do.

How heavy is the wood caps does it make it heavier?

They might be ever so slightly heavier than the stock caps, maybe up to a gram in total. However, I can’t tell much of a difference with them on.

Can you make wooden caps that fit other throws?

It really depends on the yo-yo. Throws that use thin card stock caps like the FH2 won’t be good candidates. Some of my YoYoJams look like they would be a possibility, while others do not. What yo-yos in particular did you have in mind?

Can you ship the sleeves internationally? Any idea how much this would add onto the cost?

Dark Magic, Trinity, Next Level and Go Big

I’d rather not ship internationally at this time.

I have a friend who has a Dark Magic and a Go Big. In the coming weeks I’ll see what I can do.

Just out of curiosity, ever make your own full sized wood throw?


Sorry to bump but any news on the DM2, or go big?

I have no real news on them. Honestly, they are a really low priority compared to what I’m working on now.

Are you planning on ever selling full yoyos?


Pictures or it didnt happen :stuck_out_tongue: Just kiddn but I’d like to see them