Question about fixed axle yoyos


I would like something cleared up for me.

So recently I decided I wanted to go back to basic. I decided to make the anti-leap to a fixed axle yoyo.

The problem arises when I look into fixed axle yoyos. I was under the impression that “fixed axle” meant “axle doesnt spin”, right?

But when i look up fixies, like the No-Jive 3 In 1, I see what I think is a wooden transaxle yoyo, with the wooden sleeve over the metal bolt.

Could anyone please clarify this for me? does the wooden sleeve not move?


The sleeve does not move. It’s fixed in place.


Does the sleeve move in a yoyo like the Duncan Proyo?


The sleeve dosent move at all when installed. It spins as the yoyo spins.


It LOOKS like a transaxle, though I’m pretty sure it’s not.
The wood usually has a groove if it’s transaxle, so I think it’s a fixed axle.

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lol. the axle sleeve gets sandwiched between the two wooden halves as they screw together. so the sleeve gets FIXED into place and can’t spin. promise. i assure you, i’ve played no jives where the wells were accidentally cut too wide and the axle was able to move around. they don’t work at all. no jives are fixed axle yo-yo’s.