Mrcnja's Mods

I’ve been playing around with different axle systems and came up with this:

50.7mm Diameter
42.0mm Width
3.9mm Gap

This is sick!

Here are a few more pictures of the yo-yo:

I’m excited about cutting my first bearing seat and not messing it up.

I have no idea what I’m saying but what if you adapted the axle system to accept side effects? I know wood has weight issues, do the math for each half and it should be able to balance out the wood somewhat right?

I know it’s hard to tune a wooden yoyo to be balanced, since wood isn’t a completely homogenous material, but if you can make a wood and brass in a somewhat “Inspire” shape that’s fairly balanced, i would be willing to pay a good bit for it.

Looks nice! Like the shape. I think the issue with weight may be due to the smaller diameter.

PS: The bearing seat looks nice.

I made these caps today:

I probably should have put a little more effort into finishing them properly, but these were more of a test run. I may start selling these if there is enough interest.

That is awesome!

I had a day off on Friday and finally got around to finishing this.
(Click for more pictures)

It’s pretty much the antithesis of my wooden yo-yos, which is what I was going for. It’s larger, less wide, and heavy. I did a few dumb things while turning it, but in spite of that it’s still fairly smooth (somewhere around a YYJ vibe). I have also hit the point where I can’t stand just turning things from ideas in my head anymore, so I’ve started designing the rest of my yo-yos in CAD, which will increase quality and allow me to control weight better.


60.0mm Diameter
35.2mm Width
4.1mm Gap
70g Weight (estimated)
C Bearing
Silicone Groove

That’s cool! does it play well?

VERY nice Mrcnja!!

That’s amazing!

How does it play?

Is that the delrin I bought you??? :smiley:

Thanks for all the good words. It plays nicely and is a lot of fun.

Yes, it is.

Awesome! I’m glad it went to good use. I love the throw I bought from you btw, really cool and everyone thinks it’s one of the best looking yoyos in my case.


Awesome work man, keep em’ coming!!!

How about some wooden fixed axle sleeves?


YESSSSS!!! I will buy some if you make em, Im also curious about some grooved ones?

Do you think they will affect performance somehow?