Who's still Doing FHZ sili Recesses?

I know there is a modder list, but it seems alot of those guys dont really post much anymore.


Is there anyone active and killer at doing some FHZ Silicone recesses that could do a few for me?

Everyone on that list -_-.

I am still doing that sort of thing.

Contact Landon at 3yo3. Not sure if he’s taking custom work right now, but if he is, I highly recommend his mods. Great stuff.

Im Sending him a few. I figured with his next yoyo drop he’d be to busy, but he said it was no problem!! super awesome!

Ill keep you in mind for sure man! I plan on only playing with Stock and Sili modded FHZ for a while to get a little cleaner throwing.

I highly recommend Mrcnja, check out his Mods Thread to see his FHZ mods. He can do a lot of other things for FH0’s.